Still here! I think I have a long post coming about the trashing of women’s lit as a questionable hipster hobby that I have admittedly participated in.

In the meantime, I’ve been pursuing some Americorps positions and thought I would share my “Motivational Statement.” The prompt asked for a specific experience that drew me to community service, and after great struggle I wrote this. Note, I intentionally simplified my discussion of street newspapers, especially glossy charity productions like The Big Issue, for the purposes of this 3000-character essay. They aren’t perfect: the equation of homelessness with panhandling on one hand, the emphasis on “honest work” and pulling-oneself-up-by-the-bootstraps as antidote to poverty on the other. Nevertheless, I loved the ritual of buying The Big Issue while I was in the UK, and I hope that participation in the program was helpful to at least some of the people selling it.